The Products Of Herbalife

The Herbalife Main Products for Starters

This is Luigi Gratton, Vice President of Nutrition Education at Herbalife. He teaches about Herbalife’s Core Products of Formula 1 the shakes, formula 2 the multivitamin and 3 the cell activator, and about the power of Cellular Nutrition.

The Herbalife shakes, formula 1, is pretty easy to make. It’s like making a milk shake!

You need a blender, water or skim milk, ice, the shake mix – then blend it all together and enjoy 🙂

How to mix it:

In your blender – Mix the following, the first time may not be the greatest for you. But give yourself time to master making the shake and you’ll find yourself making these Herbalife shakes for years to come.

In your blender, put in 6 ounces of skim milk.

Then put two scoops of Herbalife formula 1 pouder.

Then put in 6 ounces of ice.

Close the lid and blend



Herbalife has been committed to bettering the lives of those we touch with products that support and encourage a healthy, active lifestyle. For 35 years the focus of Herbalife is provide a healthier product for us to consume.
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