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New Herbalife Online Ordering System

The new Herbalife online ordering system is now live and active. This system is mobile responsive and provides instant access for new customers to register to see pricing immediately.

6 out of 10 customers are now using mobile devices to search for products online. That’s just the analytic information of website visitors to this site. That just over average with the every website across the United States. The amazing people that run goherbalife have spent countless hours perfecting the mobile shopping and even more hours improving it. It’s Herbalife’s mission to provide easy access to their products and an even easier access to shopping for them online.

Shop Herbalife Prices Online ButtonTo see it for yourself

 New customers now get instant access to the pricing of Herbalife products online. Registering for a free herbalife account now gives you access to the online store with pricing. During April of 2015 this access was granted to all new customers. Before this, a new customer would register with the website and then have to wait until the herbalife member approved their registration before they could see pricing! We live in a world of instant gratification, I want it yesterday society. You mean to tell me I have to wait to order online? By the time I get approved I am not going to be interested anymore.

Herbalife heard this message loud and clear. With a little help from us and a few others.

So, there you have it. Click the shop online button above and see it for yourself. Mobile responsive shopping experience with instant access to the pricing and ordering online.

On a side note: if this is your first time shopping or buying Herbalife products online. Once you place your order, by hitting the shop online button above… you’ll get your products with in 4 business days of placing your order.