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Lose Weight with and without Herbalife

Follow some steps to lose weight with and without Herbalife during your normal day. These steps are simple and you Lose Weight with and without Herbalifemay already know them. However, sometimes having them written down will help to keep them fresh in your mind. Feel free reuse these by printing them to keep handy or reword them or add to them. The goal is to help you get the weight you want to be.

Small Meals

Eat smaller meals more frequently – this will boost your metabolism every time you eat something, your body can process smaller meals faster making it more efficient. Instead of having 3 large meals in a day, try to have 5 or 6 smaller meals or snacks. Herbalife Shakes and Herbalife Snacks

Water Water Water

Drink more water – regular water intake helps to flush away waste products in the body. Get at least six to eight 8 oz. glasses per day. An easy way to do this is to keep a water bottle handy and drink from it frequently. Don’t necessarily need Herbalife for this one.

More Protein

Eat more protein – sources of protein include foods such as fish, eggs, dairy products, lean red meats, chicken, beans etc. Your body burns more calories processing protein than either carbohydrates or fats. Protein also helps to support your muscle tissue, which burns calories all day long! The bonus on protein is it helps keep you feeling full.

Yes Fiber

Eat more fiber – fiber is very filling. By eating more fiber you will find yourself fuller faster. This feeling of fullness will last a long time as well. Herbalife FloraFiber is a great choice

How Long to Wait Between Eating

Wait 20 minutes between servings – your brain takes at least 20 minutes to register that you’re full. By waiting that long, you’ll give your brain a chance to realize that you don’t really need any more food. Eating slowly also has the same effect. Again don’t need Herbalife for this one.

Which Leads To…

Don’t let yourself get hungry – when you get hungry you will have a much greater tendency to overeat when you do finally get something to eat. As well, because your body is starting to go into starvation mode, it will be much more likely to hold onto whatever you give it.


Cheat on your diet – promise me you’ll cheat on your diet. The only thing I ask is to Cheat only when it is planned. By planning when you are going to eat the foods you crave, you take back control of your eating habits. This way you no longer “give in” to your cravings. You “reward yourself” for sticking to proper nutritional habits. Do this once or twice a week and you will feel far more in control of your eating.

Lose Weight with and without Herbalife!

These are just a few of the steps you can take to lose weight with and without Herbalife. Remember, you can see all the Herbalife prices once you register with the online store.

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