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Herbalife Formula 3 Cell Activator Order Online

Formula 3 Cell Activator® What Is It?

• May help support the body’s
absorption of micronutrients.*
• Supports cellular energy production.*
• Contains select botanicals, nutrients
and powerful antioxidants to support
healthy aging.*
• Capsule form.

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Formula 3 Cell Activator® How Does It Work?

• Contains aloe, which may help support the
absorption of micronutrients.*
• Contains alpha-lipoic acid, a potent
antioxidant known to combat the effects of
oxidative damage by free radicals and support
the integrity of the mitochondrial membrane.*
• Mitochondria are known as the powerhouse
of the cell and produce energy to drive
numerous biological processes. Over time,
free radicals can damage membranes
surrounding the mitochondria, reducing the
efficiency of cellular energy production.

Formula 3 Cell Activator® Why Is It Important?

• Poor diet, poor digestion and high levels
of stress can damage cells, contributing
to fatigue and weakening the immune
• Formula 3 Cell Activator® supports
cellular energy production.*

Formula 3 Cell Activator® Herbalife Unique Solution

• Provides Cellular Nutrition – scientifically
formulated to nourish your cells for optimal
energy and antioxidant support at the
cellular level.*
• Contains a proprietary blend for enhanced
energy production.*
• May be personalized with an Herbalife program
that includes Formula 1 Healthy Meal Nutritional
Shake Mix, Formula 2 Multivitamin Complex and
Personalized Protein Powder for optimal weight
management and Cellular Nutrition.

Formula 3 Cell Activator® Key Message

• May help support micronutrient
absorption and cellular energy

When people are thinking about nutritionally stabilising their body, the role of cell activator has become an achievement for them. Body fitness is measured by the means of having best quality food materials and proper supplementation so that there is nutrition provided in proper quantities to the cells. If the cells are properly provided with nutrition, then, they can help in fitness of the growth of the body. There are various products in Herbalife, which can create a better scenario for entire body.

Herbalife supplements have the necessary ingredients to give the nutrition to the body. There are plenty of minerals and vitamins in these supplements, which have plenty of generic effects. Due to the high protein contents in these products, they can easily satisfy the hunger element, when people are going on diet restrictions. Since proteins are broken down into amino acid components, there are all the protein requirements of the cells getting fulfilled. Since there are components which act as cell activator, people can also use these for rejuvenating the cells and their enzymes can function with efficiency.

Apart from protein contents, the Herbalife supplements have a great action on the carbohydrate and fat burning so that the weight loss is complete, which means that people need to work properly on their exercising. Nutritional supplements are also required these days because people do not get good quality food materials. All the junk food that is found in the market these days can be quite damaging because these products are not sufficient to fulfil the nutritional needs of people. Every cell in the body is in need of minerals and cations which can be derived from vegetables, fruits and pulses, and finding these items and having time

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Enjoying the Benefits of Herbalife Cell Activator for Your Body


Enjoying the Benefits of Herbalife Cell Activator for Your Body.