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I saw an equation that I think a ton of people need to see before they make decisions and rush to judge people or products or companies or employers or employees. It’s called attitude. Attitude is the difference between setting a goal and not making it or crushing your goal and going for more.

Attitude EquationYour Attitude

There’s a major difference between mapping out your drive and driving it. The experience is extremely valuable but your attitude will get you through the tough times, it will get you to the end “Your Goal”.

Weight loss specialists will tell you that attitude has a more powerful effect on losing weight than all other factors. The best plan out there won’t cut it, if you don’t follow it, and that can be a matter of attitude and motivation. Here are some tips to help you keep going:

  • Never dwell on “failures.” Look at failures honestly, and then tell yourself, “This setback is temporary – here’s what I’ll do differently next time.”
  • Look at setbacks as opportunities. Problems and temporary failures provide a chance to learn how to do it better. Use them as steps towards success.
  • Think in terms of solutions, not problems. “I have such a hard time resisting temptation,” becomes, “When have I resisted, and what can I learn from that experience?” Reaching for the convenient junk food isn’t a problem, but a lesson: Don’t let it be convenient.
  • See success, both your own and other’s. Noticing even a little progress reminds you what is possible, and it keeps you motivated. This is a powerful way to stay on track. Little successes give the motivation for bigger ones.
  • Imagine yourself how you want to be. When you see yourself how you want to be repeatedly, this gets your subconscious mind working towards that image. Do this often.
  • Do something now. Action often precedes and stimulates attitude and motivation. Eat some healthy snacks, read a useful article, or get out and take a walk. Do anything, however small, towards your weight loss goals. Momentum is created by taking any step in the right direction.

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